Customer and Cleaner Documentation

House cleanerTAB Customers, you can download our Customer Information Pack,  It’s in pdf format and is password protected to avoid unauthorised use, the link is below.

The pack contains, inter alia, tips and advice to ensure as smooth a service as possible, some extra FAQ’s and a useful key form, cleaning checklist plus a Contract For Services (CFS) drawn up by solicitors. We’ve supplied two versions of the CFS, an advanced copy and a basic version.


Female House Cleaner

TAB Cleaners, we have a password protected Information Pack in pdf format which is available specifically for you.  It’s full of helpful information and advice, plus it also contains links to helpful websites. You should have received the password to access it when you joined our database, however, if you’ve misplaced it, or for whatever reason, failed to receive it, please contact us on 0191 586 55 32 and provided you’re one of our bonafide database cleaners, we’ll text or email the password to you


The key form, cleaning checklist, or either one of the two available copies of the Contract For Services – placed in BOTH packs – do not have to be used, however you may find that one, two, or possibly all three could be useful to either party, if so, they can be amended as seen fit or used ‘as is’ by mutual agreement.