Customer Satisfaction Team

Our Satisfied customers

When providing a cleaner introduction service to our valued customers, we always endeavour to go the extra mile – to be different from the rest. We never forget that we don’t just clean homes and provide an ironing facility – we are here to provide customer service too.

The selection of the right cleaner is part of this service, we strive to do this by providing a person who matches your specific requirements and meets your cleaning needs, i.e., there’s no point sending you a database cleaner who’s scared of dogs if you own a cuddly St Bernard!

But there’s much more to providing a cleaner than that? Once our business relationship begins, we need you to know that we won’t disappear into the ether, it’s important that our customers understand that we’re here whenever we’re required. We want to go beyond being merely a cleaning company – we’re a cleaning company who cares about our customers and their overall satisfaction with our service.

For that reason we created the Take A Break Client Satisfaction Department. This is a dedicated group who specialise in taking care of our customers. This departments’s remit is to make certain that our customers remain happy and satisfied with our cleaning service and everything else we provide from the very first day.

Why have a dedicated Customer Satisfaction Department?

From past experience we appreciate that cleaning requirements can change from time for time and we wanted a specialist monitor on hand who’s job it would be to ensure any changes are handled smoothly and professionally, however in addition, we also feel it’s important to be pro-active and to monitor the provision of our service via occasional contact in the most unobtrusive, but effective manner.

Cleaning Call back

Well firstly, don’t worry, we won’t bother you with numerous calls or literature, however we do need you to always know that we are always only a phone call or email away whenever you feel a need to contact us, that said, we will make contact with you at regular intervals by picking up the telephone and calling you, but if you’ve notified us that you prefer SMS  texts instead (which some customers prefer because they’re less intrusive) then we’ll be only too pleased to accommodate your request – the choice will always be yours.

Our contact schedule:

  • The first contact is usually made four weeks after you have began to utilise our cleaning service to ensure your satisfaction with how the cleaning etc., is being carried out  – and also to tackle any small areas which may need tweaking and sorting out.
  • Approximately three months later we will make contact to ensure that you are still pleased with the cleaning that you are receiving and that the overall service that we provide is meeting your requirements.
  • Six months later and every six months thereafter, we’ll continue to check in to make certain that all is well.

But remember, you don’t have to wait for our Customer Satisfaction monitor to make contact, they’re here between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12 noon on a Saturday to answer any queries that you may have, as well as addressing any concerns and to accept any feedback that you wish to pass on.

Our customers are obviously extremely important to us and are responsible for our success and are the reason why we thoroughly enjoy the service that we offer. We want that success to continue and the best way to achieve that is to make certain that we meet and wherever possible exceed customer expectations.

Whether you’re a brand new customer or someone who has been with us from the very beginning, our specialist Customer Satisfaction monitor are here to look after you.

If you’re after a reliable, affordable, professional home cleaning service, in the first instance please ring a member of our administrative monitor, Nicola, Denise, Julie or Jacqui, free of charge on 0800 612 71 87 or if you prefer, email us by clicking HERE.  Take A Break cleans YOUR home – so YOU don’t have to!

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*Police checked cleaners are available upon request.