House Cleaning and Ironing Prices

Our GROSS WEEKLY hourly rate is £10.75 ph and it’s paid via TWO separate payments.

1: The amount paid to the cleaner by the client (out of the £10.75) is £8.75 ph this is payable on the day the cleaner carries out their duties

2: The Management Fee balance (£2.00 ph) is paid by the client to Take A Break  via quarterly Standing Order

The Management Fee makes a small contribution towards the overall provision and ongoing management of the service, together with our ongoing ancillary costs such as recruitment of cleaners to our database to ensure that we always have adequate cover to provide temporary or permanent replacement should an existing cleaner fall ill, or leave, but the Management Fee also makes a contribution to provide insurance cover as well as advertising, home visits to cleaners, reference checking (both personal and professional) as well as providing a Customer Care Team whose job is to ensure that our customers remain happy with our service, but who are there to step in if their’s ever an issue which needs attention.

We’ve show examples of our prices below for agreements of 2 or 3 hours a week (or a fortnight) but longer hours are available if required in half hour or hourly increments. Don’t forget that ALL weekly customers are given FOUR cost price hours (every quarter) which are available at £8.75 per hour, there’s NO Management Fee due if you want or need to use these EXTRA hours (in part or in whole) which are available to you – and we still provide our full cover and service even when you’re not being charged our Management Fee for these additional hours. Fortnightly customers are given TWO EXTRA hours every quarter on the same terms.


You can utilise our services in any way you prefer:

  1. Cleaning Only
  2. Cleaning and Ironing Combined
  3. Ironing Only
  4. *M.F. Refers to Management Fee
No. of hours requiredHourly Rate INCLUDES Cleaner’s Rate AND THE M.F.Cleaner’s Rate £8.75 ph*M.F. £2.00 ph Paid Qtly
2£10.75 per hour£8.75 x 2 hours is £17.50£2.00 x 2 hours x 13 weeks is £52
3£10.75 per hour£8.75 ph x 3 hours is £26.25£2.00 x 3 hours x 13 weeks is £78


OUR FORTNIGHTLY CLEANING/IRONING PRICE LIST BELOW. The Management Fee is multiplied by 6.5 weeks – not 13 – because fortnightlies are used for HALF of the 13 week quarter

No. of hours requiredGross Hourly RateCleaner’s Rate £8.75 ph.Balance £3.00 ph 
Management Fee (Paid Qtly)
2£11.75 per hour£8.75 x 2 hours is £17.50£3.00 x 2 hours x 6.5 weeks is £39.00
3£11.75 per hour£8.75 ph x 3 hours is £26.25£3.00 x 3 hours x 6.5 weeks is £58.50